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Many of you have been blessed by this ministry and we wanted to give you an opportunity to share it with the world. So, please take a moment and share how    New Wind has impacted your life.

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  1. desiree benzie says:

    I visited the service Sunday and wow what a refreshing. I felt like I was in the presence of God the minute I walked in the service. the presence of the Lord and the anointing power of God is truly in that place. The Lord bow around the word to me through ApostleBrian. It was 100 percent accurate and I was so praising the Lord with gladness. the enemy has tried to come and steal the word but I know no weapon formed against me will prosper and every tongue that rises against me and judgment shall be condemned and God will continue with those who contend with me and when God speaks who can reverse it. Im so excited and I glorify God to the fullest for leading me to this service. I can wait to invite others to come and visit the service on Sunday afternoon because the presence of the Lord is truly in that place. There is such a tremendous prophetic anointing in that place. It was a privilege to worship their in the presence of God! I believe the prophet of God therefore I prosper. The word of the Lord is so rich there. Sunday’s message was phenomenal and I am applying what I’ve learned in prayer. I am so grateful the Lord lead me to that service!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gary Dodson

    A lil testimony. Since i was 10 or 11 years old, I’ve had a rock in my ear. Since Thursday night, I’ve had an ear ache in this same ear. Today, as i was at the bus stop, something told me to take the cotton ball i had in my ear out. As i took it out, i could see alot of wax on it so, i stuck my finger in my ear and felt the rock. As i got to my destination, i was thinking of a way to try to get the rock out, and the Lord said, stick your finger in your ear again. As i did, the rock slid out as i moved my finger. In amazement, i looked at the this rock i had in my ear for over 20 years saying, Lord the Rock!!! Lord the Rock!!! not realizing i was decreeing and declaring that the Lord is my Rock!!! until He told me that you are saying this over your life. It’s funny how the Lord can use something so strange to use to get the glory out of it.

  3. Shawn Brooks says:

    I have been blessed 4 years ago I had knee surgery and they put 4 screws in my knee to hold everything together 4 years later I started having pain in my knee cap and two weeks ago I had an x-ray and the doctor said he couldn’t find them. Then last week I had a mri and today I went into the doctors office and my doctor said he couldn’t find where they did my knee surgery and they couldn’t find the metal screw in my leg they told me that everything looked fine..

  4. desiree benzie says:

    Since I have been sowing in the offering at NWI, my husband had $500 a month bank draft canceled. It was suppose to continue for two more years. He received a letter stating it has been canceled! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

  5. LaTasha Jackson says:

    Testimony Time:

    Miracles are happening at New Wind International Church! No matter what it looks like do NOT let anything detour you from the word of God concerning you! Hold on to God!

    I’m going to try to make this brief , the pictures below say a thousand words….I had a high risk pregnancy, due to a marginal cord insertion. Later I was told by a few people that my pregnancy was under attack, Apostle spoke the word of the Lord concerning my baby Carter Samuel and we decreed a thing…..

    I was admitted to the hospital at 38 weeks for signs of preeclampsia which I had not had my entire pregnancy, my blood pressures were normal….while under observation I was put on oxygen because Carter Samuel’s heart rate kept dropping.

    Carter was born with two holes in his heart, and diagnosed with congestive heart failure and VSD, later found that his heart started to swell. Carter was treated for a few weeks before the Cardiologist said it’s time for surgery….my baby was only a month and a half….I wrestled with that thing…I remembered the word of the Lord concerning him and I just kept praying praying praying…..finally the peace of God rested on me and I was reminded of a prophetic word spoken back in August last year.

    Carter was admitted to the hospital April 7th and a feeding tube was placed on April 12th he had open heart surgery and was doing well, April 13th Carter crashed all his vitals dropped….then his heart when into what is called a JET rhythm to where his heart was beating extremely fast and his blood pressures dropped he was struggling to live but I remembered what was decreed and declared over his life and I held on to God’s word concerning Carter.

    Long story short, Carter recovered speedily and was released from the hospital three days ahead of schedule and he came home with out the feeding tube and the 15 medications they had him on, Carter came home with tylenol for pain….and TODAY the Cardiologist confirmed the word of the Lord, I bless God for this miracle! To God Be ALL the Glory! I BELIEVE GOD PERIOD!

    Can somebody help me bless the Lord?

    This is my song to the Lord, singing:
    How can I say thanks, for ALL the things you’ve done for me, things so undeserved, that you gave to prove your love for me, and the voices of a million Angels, could NOT express my gratitude, all that I am and ever hope to be, I owe it ALL to thee, To God be the Glory, To God be the Glory, To God be the Glory for the things He has done!!!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    On Saturday June 4,2016 Apostle Brian spoke life back into me legs during his live feed on Facebook! He stated”You will not limp anymore”
    On Sunday June 5,2016 I was able to lead praise and worship standing up for 25 minutes which I hadn’t been about to do in 3 years! Glory to God I’m healed!

  7. debra black says:

    Testimony about the goodness of God and the accurate, on point Apostle Brian Pruitt and Prophet Latasha. SHORT VERSION. I had posted pictures of my Mom room where I had decorated it as she moved into an Assistant Living home. I posted pictures, but didn’t mention warfare that came with it. Saturday nite, I bumped my baby toe against ladder. Sunday morning my toe was swollen, throbbing with pain and I couldn’t put any weight on it. But I knew that God was a healer. I had came to church broken and struggling physically, emotionally, and spiritually in silence; still grieving from past issues. Prophet Latasha had messaged me at 3 that God was gonna heal TODAY, but I didn’t see her message until later that evening. Apostle Pruitt message spoke straight into the core of my issueS, ~ALL of them~. Glory to God!! I went up for prayer!!!!!! This powerful, on-point Apostle called heaven down. GOD SPOKE TO ME THROUGH APOSTLE BRIAN PRUITT AT NEW WIND INTERNATIONAL!!! GOD DELIVERED, GOD HEALED AND I GOT MY PEACE BACK!! Swelling down, Pain down, and Heartache down!! Praise be to God and gratefulness to the Man of God Apostle Brian Pruitt and Prophet Latasha! Thanks for having an EAR to HEAR what the spirit of the Lord is saying in THIS hour.

  8. anonymous says:

    Apostle Brian Pruitt definitely is a praying man with keen discernment of holy ghost!! There have been several, SEVERAL incidents that I have been dealing with and BANG, he give a scripture concerning it. or BANG he teaches a message on it!! His kind of ministry is necessary for spiritual growth, and I would advise anyone whom is wanting to reach their full potential in God to hook up with his ministry.

  9. Karen Harrold says:

    I was at work on July 9th when I hurt my foot. I went home and soaked my foot but it made the pain even worst so I layer down and went to sleep. Waking up the next morning to discoloration of my toe, swelling, throbbing, aching, fever, pain and limping. So I tell my husband that I think that I broke my toe, so he said I have to pray at church but we can leave after to go get your foot looked at. Well we get to church and he pray but before we leave apostle says let him pray for my toe. He calls up Latasha and tell her to start praying. She kneels down and put blessed oil on my foot and begins to pray.Apostle even called up another member to join in. All of a sudden I could move my toes something that I couldn’t do a few minutes earlier. I could walk without limping the pain started going away, I could feel the heat cover my foot. Apostle said to tell everyone what was happening in the mist of them praying. I felt emotional because it was happening(my foot being healed) while I was watching. So after that I went to an instaclinic just to be safe. They did some x-rays and didn’t find ANYTHING!!! I just wanna say that God still works, prayer still works!!! GLORY to GOD!!! All you have to do is just believe and trust and it to shall come to pass. Apostle is an amazing pastor, teacher, preacher, apostle, Shepard, friend and father. New wind is definitely blessed with the lords presence every single Sunday so come and be blessed.

  10. Mary Galofre says:

    I visited New Wind after a really socially rough weekend with my Christian friends. I have been stepping out in the prophetic lately and making lots of mistakes and offending a lot of people, in that process and it just seemed in general everywhere I went and whoever I interacted with. I came because I didn’t want to see any of my friends and was really in need of some serious level recouperation spiritually after what happened that weekend. I stepped out to do a new prophetic act in a new art form as I felt led by the Holy Spirit but once I delivered the art and the corresponding word I was later reprimanded harshly and traumatized by the rebuke. It made me question whether I was in err entirely and had followed deceiving spirits. This had been a regular occurence of backlash since I began stepping out prophetically and I knew it was an attack but I also knew I needed better preparation for what I was doing. When I arrived I intended to observe and worship and be open, but I had no idea what was about to happen. As I came up the aisle with my worship flag, Apostle Brian spoke to me and said God was showing him he was healing me in my insides and also spoke about an oppressor and names and labels put on me by the enemy. He broke out into a chorus of “Not guilty, case dismissed.” I had been feeling so awful that my intentions to bless someone with a prophetic word of encouragement backfired so violently and since it had been a pattern I was feeling very tainted and fleshly in my skills, wondering if I was worth anything prophetically at all and if I was just a phony. Since Apostle Brian did not know me and never had spoke to me ever at all before, I took this as the Lord trying to tell me that I was wrongly accused of wrongdoing and was being harassed, and to see it as such rather than seeing myself as demonically influenced and a false prophet. I sobbed and was completely blown away at the way the Lord restored me and lifted me up when I was feeling horribly downtrodden regarding my intentions for Him toward others. I was in shock of what I was hearing, completely taken aback that the Lord would honor me despite my supposed mistakes. I felt really backed up, like the court of Heaven was awarding me the winner of the case. I have never been ministered to this way before in prophetic song with a simultaneous word of knowledge, which was stunningly effective and led me to weep loudly in the middle of the room and fall to the floor in release of all the pain. I am still amazed at how restoring this was in the heart condition I was in. The Holy Spirit had been leading me to visit other churches for some time and I felt specifically that today had been that day to go somewhere else since I simply could not afford “church as usual”, I needed an emergency room visit. I had no clue how God would amaze me through this miraculous ministry. I left feeling encouraged, restored, and validated. I still struggle completely accepting this verdict I was offered, thinking, “Can it really be true? Did God really think I was in the right in that situation?” but that is irrelevant, as God knew what I needed to hear in that moment to set healing in motion, and it was radical and personal. I was even immediatley motivated to testify to the accuracy of the word in front of everyone and I normally don’t talk in church in front of others. A boldness came over me and I was so thankful and blessed. Thank you so much for your unique and effective ministry. It changed my life when I needed it most. God bless you richly and may your ministry expand just as your faith decrees.

  11. Karen Harrold says:

    I was diagnosed last with with iron overload of the liver. So my stomach swells up like I’m nine months pregnant. So I been getting these t.a.p.s done to remove the fluid about every two weeks. I’ve finally got in to see the liver specialist last week. They ordered an ultrasound to see what the problem was. I received the results in the mail today and I want to say thank you father for watching over me and for keeping me. Thank you lord. Well the results says there’s no liver disease or liver damage the liver is perfectly fine thank you jesus. I just can’t stop thanking and praising him. You are my true Savior.

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